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Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.

Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.


Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.
About Us
Founded in 2014 Xinxiang Vic Science Education Co Ltd is located in Xinxiang city near to the Yellow River and Zhengzhou Airport We are a leading professional educational equipment manufacturer and supplier who integrates research production and sales all together We have almost 50 workers 10 people are at R D and quality control team Our factory has got its ISO9001 certificates at 2018 and CE certificate at 2019 and we have rich experience at product design and OEM and professional process for export business active and sincere service Convenient and fast reaction after sale service We specialize in manufacturing microscope prepared slides biological specimens teaching models rock...

Categories and Products

Microscope Prepared Slide

Microscope Slide Storage Box

Human Anatomy Model

Human Torso Model

Human Acupuncture Model

Medical Nursing Model

Biology Model

Biology Specimen

Laboratory Equipment

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SlidesMicroscope Glass Slide Storage BoxSimple Model of Circulatory SystemNeubauer Improved Counting ChamberBiological Prepared Slides FactoryMedical Simulation Training CenterMicroscope Slides Cardboard MailersZoology Good Slides for MicroscopesTeaching Equipment Anatomical ModelMackler Type Sperm Counting ChamberChildren Microscopic Playing SlidesStudying Microscope Prepared SlidesGreen Monocular Students MicroscopeAnatomy Models for Medical Studentsplant collection and identificationPrepared Microscope Slides For SaleStudent Series Monocular MicroscopeHalf Body Training Indication ModelApologia Advanced Biology Slide SetMedical Training Equipment for SaleForearm Venipuncture Training Modelprepared microscope slides bacteriaBlack Monocular Students MicroscopeLaboratory Reagents and ConsumablesPrepared Microscope Glass Slide SetAnatomy Skeleton Model with MusclesBiology Educational Students SlidesAnatomical Respiratory System ModelMulti-Purpose Biological MicroscopeTrachea Intubation Training ManikinStudent Bacteria Educational Slidesdental models for patient educationFive-Year-Old Child Nursing ManikinMicrotome Machine with Fast FreezingSpecimens Microscope Prepared SlidesPrepared Microscope Slides ParasitesHistology Microscope Prepared SlidesBig Size Teeth Dental Teaching ModelMedical Parasitology Prepared SlidesHigh Quality Human Anatomical ModelsHalf Body Cpr Training Manikin ModelLaboratory Equipment Freeze Tube BoxAutomatic Computer Cpr Manikin ModelYellow Monocular Students MicroscopeMedical Injection Training Pad ModelMicroscope Slides Biology DefinitionHigh Simulation Trauma Manikin ModelThree Types Bacteria Prepared SlidesChild Acls Emergency Training SystemLaboratory Biology Microscope SlidesGynecological Training Child NursingHeating Mantle with Magnetic StirrerDisposable Medical Microscope-SlidesMonocular Students Microscope SeriesAnimal Pathological Histology SlidesAdult Acls Emergency Training SystemBorosilicate Glass Microscope Slidesbiological microscope price in indiamicrotome sectioning troubleshootingFull Functional Child Nursing ManikinImproved New Neubuer Counting ChamberConstant Temperature Magnetic StirrerBiological Microscope Prepared SlidesAnatomical Model CPR Training ManikinHuman Torso Model Has Removable PartsPollen Prepared Microscope Slides SetHealthcare Labs Training Center ModelAnatomy of Female Reproductive SystemMicroscope Biological Teaching SlidesBiological Prepared Microscope SlidesMicroscope Slide for Biological ClassTrachea Intubation Training Mannequinall biological specimens are used forClassification Microscope Slides 7101Medical and Bacterial Prepared SlidesIntestinal Anastomosis Training ModelMedical Model to Students and DoctorsPathology Slides for Medical StudentsHuman Body Model for Medical StudentsHeating Mantle Temperature ControllerAutomatic Biological Tissue DehydratorMulti Functional Nursing Manikin ModelLaboratory Series Monocular MicroscopeParamecium Conjugation Prepared SlidesComprehensive Emergency Skills ManikinHematology Prepared Slides Blood SmearHuman Oral Pathology Microscope SlidesEducational Biological Prepared SlidesZoology Prepared Slides for MicroscopeSeries Monocular Bioligical MicroscopeFrasaco Model with Plastic ArticulatorThe Standared Medical Pathology SlidesFull-Functional Manikin Training ModelOnline Version of Nursing Skills ModelTraining CPR Manikin Nursing MannequinAnatomical Models for Medical StudentsModel of Female Pelvis Anatomical ModelMedical Human Anatomical Skeleton ModelMedical Anatomical Human Skeleton ModelAdvanced Comprehensive Training ManikinParasitology Prepared Microscope SlidesEmergency Care Training Simulator ModelNeonatal Acls Emergency Training SystemHalf-Body Model for Electronic TrainingVenipuncture Training Arm Model of CareMedical Projection Infrared Vein FinderAnatomical Medical Human Skeleton ModelAnatomy Human Brain with Arteries Modelmethods used to collect animal specimenReal Human Skeleton for Medical StudentsMedical Nursing Training Equipment ModelHuman Skeleton Model with Colored MuscleVarious Slides for Biological MicroscopeExternal Female Genital Anatomical ModelBiology Slides Color Slides for ChildrenMedical Simulation Training Center ModelCounting Chamber Coverslip Optical PlaneMouth Parts of Honeybee Microscope SlideHistology and Embryology Prepared SlidesMatuer Anther Prepared Microscope SlidesSchool Students Biological Prepared Slidecollecting and preserving plant specimensHistology Slide Trays Cardbord with CoverAtherosis Thrombus Vascular Cardiac ModelMicrobiology Microscope Biological SlidesPlant Tissuesbotany Slides for MicroscopePregnancy Fetal Development Medical ModelTeaching Fungi Prepared Microscope SlidesMannequins Simulators for Medical TrainingPrepared Human Histology Microscope SlidesLaboratory Tissue Baking Processor MachineBlood Microscope Slide Hematology PreparedMouth Parts of Grasshopper Microscope SlideAnatomical Skeleton with Muscle AttachmentsModelos De Anatomia Del Sistema ReproductorHalf Body Training Manikin-Light Indicationwhat is used to preserve dissection animalsCell Biology and Genetics Microscope SlidesFull Functional Child Nursing Manikin ModelAnatomical Model Female Reproductive SystemHalf-Body Model for Electronic CPR TrainingAdvanced Comprehensive CPR Training ManikinMct-Kn-021 Blood Pressure Training Arm ModelDual Purpose Computer Histological Microtomebiological microscope vs compound microscopeModelo Anatomico Sistema Reproductor FemeninoPlant Pathological Microscope Prepared SlidesBiological Medical Microscope Prepared SlidesDisassembl Skeleton Model Human Skeleton Modelname of plant specimen collected for herbariumHistology Slides Mailerhistology Slides MailerBiological Student Miscroscope Prepared SlidesPlant Disease Prepared Slides Microscope SlidesHalf Body CPR Training Manikin-Light IndicationComprehensive Emergency Skills Training ManikinFull-Functional Five-Year-Old Child Nursing ManStudent Microscope Biological Microscope SlidesHuman Skin Papilloma Medical Pathological SlidesMicroscope Biological Microscope Prepared SlidesNasogastric Trachea Intubation Care Training SIMPerineum Cutting and Suturing Training SimulatorNursing Mannequins for Medical Teaching Trainingcollection and preservation of biological specimensall biological specimens should be treated with respect
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